It’s Back to the Retro, this time featuring my absolute favorite artist, inspiration, and mentor. He calls himself Timecop1983, I call him…The Master.

Seriously though, words cannot describe the feeling I get when I listen to Timecop1983. Guy is so down to Earth, just an awesome person trying to make it in this world and share his gift with us. Timecop1983 is The Master of the “Dreamwave” genre of synthwave, so if you love the romantic side of synthwave, he is the one you want to listen to.

This mix was done by Timecop himself, live. There may be a song that is repeated, as it was done over two live shows @ Urban Road Records presents: Timecop1983 live at “1984 Night at the Arcade” Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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All copyrights belong to Timecop1983, both music and mix and Urban Road Records for hosting the shows.

Timecop1983 album art, Photoshop’d with a picture of Timecop1983 himself doing what he does best. Editing done by Danman Tunes

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