Dreams by Timecop1983 (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)

Dreamwave anthem ‘Dreams’ has been turned into a retro futuristic edgy dream like music video. Poignant, with scenes from childhood, youth and adulthood. The video is a homage to risk taking, living in your body, expressing yourself and seeking a higher plane.


~Motion Graphics: Digifish

~Music: Timecop1983

~Vocals: Dana Jean Phoenix

~Lyrics: Dana Jean Phoenix

~Mixed and Mastered: Chris Dececio


Film footage courtesy of:

~Mark Stewart-Pearson: Kid on the Trampoline 2 – https://vimeo.com/9227736

~DuBistDu: Kids Wanna Jump! – https://vimeo.com/11215002

~Smiley Clothing Australia: Extreme Base Jumping in Switzerland – https://vimeo.com/68148604

~Aleksandr Batuev: Free Diving Yoga – https://vimeo.com/127903248

~Charles Phillips: Inferno Flow, Fire Poi – https://vimeo.com/33415350

~Camp of Champions: The Park – The Pro Line Third Jump – Ski – https://vimeo.com/50163102

~Randa M Ali: Sufi, Whirling Dervish – https://vimeo.com/randamali

~Jesse Labat Randall: The Cobra Cabaret – https://vimeo.com/38048374

~David Harris: Ignite – https://vimeo.com/46256560

~Dancers Responding to AIDS: Fire Island Dance Festival 16 – https://vimeo.com/user27428390



~Timecop1983: https://www.facebook.com/timecop1983

~Dana Jean Phoenix: http://www.danajphoenix.com/

~Chris Dececio: https://chrisdececio.wordpress.com/

~Digifish: http://www.digifish.tv/

~Dancers Responding to AIDS: https://www.dradance.org/


Dream hard.

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