ElectroNobody & Megan McDuffee – One Objective (Lyrics Video)

RetroSynth presents ElectroNobody & Megan McDuffee – One Objective

Style: #Cyberpunk #Cybersynth #LadiesofSynth


Video edit – ElectroNobody
Artwork – Vladislav Dem
ArtStation: demtools.artstation.com

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One Objective – Lyrics


Once merely chrome,
Such a loyal, strong machine.

But on that day when you appeared,
Broke me from this twisted dream.

Ohh, ohh


Cold, yet there’s blood
Pulsing through my silver veins.

Hot, my resolve
Drowning all other sounds.

Run if you like,
soon you will feel my embrace,

Now don’t be afraid,
Even though I hunt you down.

Verse 2

Once fed deceit,
Hollowed out and dead inside.

Then that day, I saw your face.
You made me come back to life.

Flawed is what they say
I refuse to just believe.

So what if I’m glitching out?
You’re the only thing I need.

Ohh, ohh.


Not made for love,
Yet there’s heat in my chrome veins.

One objective,
Getting closer each day…


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