ElectroNobody – Water Trip – RetroSynth Records 2018

Artist – ElectroNobody
Title – Water Trip
Album – Circles Of Orion
Label – RetroSynth Records
Country – USA
Year – 2018
Style – Breakbeat, Industrial

Footage: Tomb Raider
Video created by ElectroNobody

ElectroNobody – is a real musical phenomenon who came from Russia with love! Prepare to visit the bottomless expanses of space, because right now you’re going to listen to a new release of this musical maniac! This album contains 8 musical compositions in various genres from chill electronic music to dirty and fat synthesizer bombs. Together with ElectroNobody you will move deeper and deeper into the depths of cosmic landscapes. The whole album is permeated with a lot of unexpected moves and innovative solutions, as well as has as many as 3 collaborations, two of which are remixes from the genius monster of the music scene known as Battlejuice (Scandroid Remix Contest winner) and the new shining star of electronic music by the name Volunteer Of Eternity, and the third collaboration is the fusion of ElectroNobody’s musical ideas and the amazing vocal and poetic talents of the singer EF. Fasten your seat belts, next station is Circles Of Orion!

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