Feren Isles – It Finds Me | RetroSynth (Synthpop/Indie Electronic)

This is dedicated to everyone who has ever struggled with chronic anxiety.

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Half of all Bandcamp sales for this track will be donated to Anxiety Canada to help those struggling during these tumultuous times.
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Story, Direction & Videography: Derek Vincent
Starring: Feren Isles
Supporting performances: Kevin Sauvageau & Jean-Paul Corbeil
Costume Design: Derek Vincent
Hair: Michael Selby

Written, performed & produced by Feren Isles
Mixed by James Benjamin @ Breakglass Studios, Montreal
Mastered by Cristobal Urbina @ CU Mastering, Montreal
Cover art designed by Heath Cairns


► Lyrics:

As I make my way to higher ground
I hear the sound of cities shutting down
I see the water slowly creeping in
And feel a dampness on my skin

As I hide inside this empty room
I smell the scent of bitter toxic fumes
I watch the paint begin to crack and peel
And feel my clothing start to burn

Tell me how can I escape
From a feeling I just can’t shake?
Every time I try to run or hide
It finds me

Don’t know how to differentiate
What is really there from what is fake
The true danger lies within my mind
It finds me

As I fly across this empty space
To start a new life in a better place
I get a sudden urge to turn around
Before I crash into the ground

Tell me how can I escape…

Every other sound keeps getting drowned out by alarm bells
That keep on going off when nothing’s wrong
I never could see past the next disaster bound to happen
Even when I was safe all along

Tell me how can I escape…

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