Jessie Frye ft. Timecop1983 – Faded Memory (Official)

©Written by Jessie Frye & Timecop1983 | Released 6.15.18
Mixed by Matt Aslanian
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© Directed by Jessie Frye & Cameron J. Smith
Shot by Cameron J. Smith
Skateboarding: Cameron Trevino
Makeup: Paulina Salcedo
Art direction and styling: Jessie Frye
The contents of this music video are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in anyway.

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Walking down the boulevard at night
You’re on my mind
But I know that you’re no good for me
They say love is just a waste of time
I’ll never know- now I’m just a lonely valentine

I want you
Dream it all away
I want to dream it all away

Dancing under smoke and neon lights
In a crowded bar with the misfits and the movie stars
A stranger’s kiss finds me in the dark
With a broken heart, I can’t help but wonder where you are

I want you

Love feels like a faded photograph
It’s in the past- now you’re just a faded memory

I want you
I want to dream it all away
I want you

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