Let Em Riot – Black Ink | RetroSynth (Vocal Synthwave / Synthpop)

RetroSynth presents Let Em Riot – Black Ink
Style: #VocalSynthwave #Retrowave #Synthpop

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Video Edit – Scott Forte
Artwork – Ivan Talavera (Portrait Practice)

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On our backpack leather black ink, we drew our idols. By the lockers down hall, we chose our
side. On our book – folded covers black ink, we wrote down meaning. Never thought that we’d
be the ones to stand in line. And the girl in the Def Leppard shirt said she liked me better.
Wrote it down in black on the back of a photograph. Pulled me closer. Held on to the years.
Never over, still disappears. Pulled me closer. Holding on to the day. Never really over – black
ink as it fades. On the soles of our shoes black ink, the latest fashion. We were outside running
where the streets would never end. You know the sun never set on the kids in California. And
the mixtape was all that needed to be said. We answered to no one. Never tired. Bleached by
the sun. Take me back tonight. Waited for no one. True desire. Lost but we won. Take me back

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