Neutron Dreams – Electric Conception *Teaser* – Debut EP AVAILABLE NOW!

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Our first EP and release, Neutron Dreams is proud to present Electric Conception. Follow the path and emotions of The Android, as it makes it way through the digital frontier. Come with us as we explore the out reaches of AI, and discover the one thing that humans themselves can’t grasp. What is that you ask? That thing called sleep. What happens when computers and Androids sleep? They have Neutron Dreams….

releases February 3, 2018 on RetroSynth Records

Dan Eachus – Synths, Percussion, Fx and Production
Ryan Leslie – Electric Guitar, arrangement, inspiration
Michael Oakley – Mentor and Teacher, post production, Intro to Midnight Inventions.

1. Waves of Time
2. Shadow of the Storm
3. Midnight Inventions
4. Guerrilla’s Among Us
5. Shades of Oakley
6. Thoughts of Meloncholy
7. Turbo Knight – Rasengan (Neutron Dreams Remix)

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