Neutron Dreams – Waves Of Time (Official Video) – RetroSynth Records 2017 – Synthwave, Dreamwave

Artist – Neutron Dreams
Title – Waves Of Time
Single – Waves Of Time
Label – RetroSynth Records
Country – USA
Style – Synthwave, Dreamwave
Year – 2017

Waves of Time is a dreamy romantic song that harkens back to those times of days gone by and time presses on like waves, bringing back memories and then sweeping them away to create new ones. This song and video was a labor of love and time, and pays homage to our mentors who paved the way for us. So, sit back, relax, press the play button, and be swept away in the Waves of Time.
released October 18, 2017
TheRleslie (Ryan Leslie)
Danman Tunes (Dan Eachus)

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video created by Dan Eachus
Additional titles by Scott Forte
© RetroSynth 2017

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