Northern Lights: Endless Summer (visual soundtrack)

This is a compilation of fan favorites + 6 new tracks.

Download the full album, “Endless Summer: The Best of TNL” here: http://www.northernlightsmusic.bandca… or…

The Northern Lights is a Film/Soundtrack composer. These are the best tracks, as rated by fans, over the last year. Made as a tribute to the 80’s and Cassette Tape/LoFi sounds.

Track Listing:
#1) Night Drive
#2) 1984
#3) You Stole My Heart
#4) Feel The Heat
#5) Sunset
#6) Vapors
#7) Dream Beach
#8) Indigo
#9)Time Travelers
#10) That Summer
#11) Alive
#12) Electric Winter (yes, it says “alive”)
#13) Elevation
#14) Say Goodbye


Cinematography thanks to:

The Endless Summer II
@DragonRiderNetwork (conor mitchell)
Nike’s Leave a Message: By Jason Kenworthy and Aaron Liever


Thanks to fans for all the support over the last 2 years! Here are the tunes you’ve rated your favorites so far, along with 6 new tracks.

A Mixtape soundtrack for your summer days on the beach and night drives.

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