Horrorwave, VHSwave, and synthwave from Bristol, PA

Lapses is a force to be reconked with as his live performances hark back to punk intensity keytar playing with catchy and dark synthwave sexiness.







Lapses – Kirsten (Like Time-Lapse Photography) | RetroSynth (Dreamwave / Synthwave)

Lapses – Kirsten (Like Time-Lapse Photography) | RetroSynth (Dreamwave / Synthwave)

RetroSynth Records presents Lapses – Kirsten (Like Time-Lapse Photography) #Dreamwave #Synthwave #Retrowave Buy the new single here! https://lapses666.bandcamp.com/track/kirsten-like-time-lapse-photography from the forthcoming album “Monsters Forever” – coming soon to RetroSynth Records! Video Edit & Animations – Scott Forte Support Lapses https://lapses666.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/lapseslapses/ Tweets by MatthewC8383

LAPSES – They’re Not Human – RetroSynth 2019

Lapses – I Should Be Dreaming – RetroSynth Records 2018

RetroSynth Records, music provided by Lapses – I Should Be Dreaming RetroSynth FM Radio! https://goo.gl/2A3yiB RSR Music and Compilations available here! https://retrosynthrecords.bandcamp.com/ RetroSynth Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5aftMVZUrbfETfL0tpI72r?si=u99Xg2AfScqUU9DCvk96HQ Support Music Artist – Lapses BANDCAMP – https://lapses666.bandcamp.com/ STREAM – coming soon ⚡️RETROSYNTH RECORDS⚡️ a team who help promote a vast variety of electronic synth music. If you wish […]

Lapses – I Should Be Dreaming – RetroSynth Records 2018

LAPSES – She’s So Real (Official Video) – RetroSynth Records 2018

Artist – LAPSES Title – She’s So Real Label – RetroSynth Records Country – USA Style – Synthwave Year – 2018 https://lapses666.bandcamp.com/track/shes-so-real My homage to the film MANNEQUIN and my home town of Philly where it was shot in. Support LAPSES https://lapses666.bandcamp.com/ Support RetroSynth http://www.retro-synth.com/ https://retrosynthrecords.bandcamp.com/. http://retrosynth.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/RetroSynthMusic Tweets by RetroSynthMusic © RetroSynth Records 2018

Lapses – Gate Smasher

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Lapses – Sky of Wires – Synthwave, Outrun, Cyber Synth 2014