RetroSynth: In Synth We Wave – COMING MAY 1ST to Bandcamp! Synthwave, Outrun, Dreamwave, Dark Synth

RetroSynth Records proudly presents

RetroSynth: In Synth We Wave

a 66 track digital compilation, featuring 17 new and exclusive previously unreleased tracks, and 20 from the RetroSynth Records roster of artists. Coming May 1st to Bandcamp!

compiled by Scott Forte

featuring tracks by

*The Neon Droid
*Mono Memory
*The Midnight
*London Lazers
*Vampire Step-Dad
*Cassette Riot
*Dana Jean Phoenix
*The Northern Lights
*The TCR
*Cosmo Cocktail
*Advection Stride
*Stilz (Feat. Dimi Kaye)
*Blaze of Gunfire
*Ray Gun Hero
*Superhero Never Die (huSEQ Remix)
*The Sweetest Condition
*20SIX Hundred
*neon shudder
*Rose Thaler
*Protector 101 (MICROCHIP TERROR Remix)
*The Encounter
*The Powerwalker
*Astral Tales
*Glitch Black
*Jon of the Shred
*Electric Dragon
*Hollywood Burns (Battlejuice Remix)
*Occams Laser
*Raised By Aliens

Artwork by Scott Forte & The Neon Droid
RetroSynth logo created by Brutal Render

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