The TCR – Wavepunk [Full Album]

Album “Wavepunk” by The TCR @ 2016 Rain Dragon Records

Remember I didn’t make these musics, all rights belong to The TCR and Rain Dragon Records.

0:00 Terraform
3:07 You Get Me High (Feat. Oceanside 85)
6:00 In Too Deep
10:13 Desert Rose (Feat. Oceanside 85)
13:00 Nightbreed
16:38 Darth Spader II
21:00 From Underground
24:14 Death Disco (Dread Beat)
27:00 What We Do is Shadows (Feat. Stilz)
29:54 Wicked Waltz (Interlude)
30:38 We Are Electric
35:03 After The Burn

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