Timecop1983 – Back to You (feat. The Bad Dreamers) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

New Retro Wave + Timecop1983 – Back to You (feat. The Bad Dreamers)
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Wonderful new single from Timecop1983. Presenting the World Premiere of the official music video for Back to You (feat. The Bad Dreamers). OUT NOW!
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Restless hour on a lonely street
I do this every night cause I can hardly sleep
I drive alone to nowhere, slow,
I’m searching for the parts of me I know you stole

You slipped away in the midnight breeze
Who knew that with a goodbye kiss that my heart would freeze?
Just a shadow, just an echo, just a memory

I don’t know what he’s got that I don’t
I just wanna call you but I won’t
I know we moved out but I never moved on
So I drive all night but still the truth is none of these streets lead back to you

Will you think of me when he makes you laugh?
Does he capture you the way I could in photographs?
Should I shut my mouth and turn out the light,
Pour out something strong and drink you off tonight

You slipped away in the midnight breeze
You knew that with that goodbye kiss that my heart would freeze
In the shadow, in the echo, in the memory

Video made by: David Schuler

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