Timecop1983 – Night Drive || 444Hz || Full Album || HQ

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00:00 Static (feat. The Midnight)
04:55 On the Run
09:55 Back to You (feat. The Bad Dreamers)
14:23 Cruise
20:17 Neon Lights (feat. Josh Dally)
24:17 Afterglow
29:20 Too Late (feat. LeBrock)
34:19 Skylines
39:21 Tokyo (feat. Kinnie Lane)
44:26 Nightfall
49:06 It was only a Dream

Frequency: 444.589Hz

If you’re unaware of the effects of different frequencies on the body, Royal RIfe is a good place to begin research..

Enjoy! ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯

I do not own this album, all rights belong to Timecop1983.

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